& Mailchimp

The form connects to Mailchimp for storage of the data. 

We can't add the data to our mailing list automatically. We have to prove that we have received the consent to store it.

Squarespace gives us a "double opt-in set up" which will add a step and the user will receive a "Confirm Subscription" email.

The Mailchimp list have to be set up with "enable GDPR fields" in Mailchimp. It will add special fields on when the conset happened, from which IP address etc.


Submitting will send a confirmation email.

Example contact form (as used on contact page)

Name *


If "Yes, subscribe me to this list" is clicked from confirmation email, the user is taken to "Confirm Humanity" page with Captcha and then after confirmation, the details will be added to Mailchimp list. By this point the subscription to the list is confirmed. 



Subscription Confirmed...


This doesn't mean that the marketing permissions are set yet as GDPR requires them to be conciously specified. 

At the moment, Squarespace doesn't provide support for Mailchimp GDPR Opt-in marketing settings.

Users will have to access their preferences to update their opt-ins manually. The access to change their preferences is through the confirmation page (screenshot 3 above). 

They will also have a chance to update marketing preferences when we send them the email, but we will have to point them to the "update your preferences" page.

Mailchimp will set up default opt-ins options (as per image) but we can change the checkboxes to what we require:

  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Customized online advertising

By default, nothing is selected so we need to make people go and change their opt-ins manually in order to comply with GDPR. 

Similar situation happens with Newsletter subscriptions.



For all the above reasons, we need to give people access to their stored settings and details. Mailchimp suggested a specific template that we can use so I'd say just go with that. People can easily change their preferences and unsubscribe if they want. Hopefully people will update their profiles. 


Segmenting in Mailchimp

In order to efficiently manage a subscriber list in Mailchimp, segmenting can be set to only target people who opted in or didn't action yet.  

This explains how to set up segmenting etc.